Monday, June 18, 2007

Cute animals made out of food! :D

too cute too eat!!!

Check this out! bring on the BLING!!

A bit cock-eyed, and the ears are made of two different fillings...never mind.

Dyed Yellow rice, like Bryani. RAWR!!!

Big Piggy and Small Piggy! made of tofu, i think.

Bread Sisters! they look like the bread version of Power-Puff girls.

Mr. Horsey, for Celine Sia, you know who you are.

Made of rice dyed pink! so feminine!

Row, row, row your bowl, gently down the rice....

Fortune Kitty look-alike! i especially lurve the little bell-collar.

Fishy Race!

cute eh? looks like Kerokopi the frog.

Mr. Crabby! looks so cheerful. for prawn-lovers.

nothing much, but sweet all the same.

Bunny! so adorable! if only it was real...*dreamy look*

The Octopus Family!!! made from octopuses, i should think.


Annie said...

Super cute - great ideas.

I found you via the goody blog.

me said...

I love your super-cute food! Is it okay if I link to you from my blog,